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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Bit of a conundrum for Shero.

I think he pays Letang north of 7 million, and a NMC that doesn't kick in for a short time, and will trade him for a second round pick and prospects before the NMC kicks in. He doesn't really have leverage in this situation.
1. He won't pay him north of 7.
2. He isn't lacking in leverage. There is a reason Shero has been using first rounders on defensemen, including puck movers, seemingly every single year but one. Cause they knew this day could come and they needed to be ready. There is a glut of high level Dmen in the system exactly because this was forseen. Either something south of 7 will happen or else we will start using that talent we have been drafting. We've got leverage. I'd love to keep Letang but this isn't life or death. It might be for one year but not beyond that.
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