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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
cause the FO was morons. that nonsense was more on the FO than Q.
he has his faults but PL was too busy being upset that Q wouldn't toe the line and challenged him on some moves.

i doubt Letang will net a first. too many teams know the Pens can't afford him without making other major sacrifices.
Problem with your argument is that the Pens CAN afford him at 6m just not 7. Most of the defense the next few years will be on ELC so we can definitely pay him 6 a year. It's not like PIT has to dump him. They can offer that extra year that no one else its not a forgone conclusion that he will go. They can keep him at up to 6.25 or maybe 6.5 at absolute most and still be ok cap wise so long as the cap increases 2m or so a year over the life of the deal...which is a conservative estimate. PIT is aided in this regard by the fact that Crosbys deal at 8.7 AAV is actually a legal form of cap circumvention because its one of those front loaded 12 year deals that are now prohibited but the existing ones were grandfathered into the CBA. He is actually making more than Geno but counts for less.
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