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Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
Q was a mess here juggling goalies, benching his best players, the passive PK, and butting heads with the front office. Sure the avs were terrible after he left, but he was never going to make a difference here in CO.
cause the FO was morons. that nonsense was more on the FO than Q.
he has his faults but PL was too busy being upset that Q wouldn't toe the line and challenged him on some moves.

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
If 35 year old Mark ****ing Streit can get 5.25 and 40 year old Sergei Gonchar can get 5m, then it's not physically possible for me to overstate the market.

The market is completely out of control, 24. Have you by chance taken a look at the UFA d-man list? It's crap.....esp among offensive defensemen.
i doubt Letang will net a first. too many teams know the Pens can't afford him without making other major sacrifices.
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