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Wesley Woodyard

On a side note - I often don't remember the name of a lot of Omaners, but I remember their avatars. Eventually I put the avatar together with their "screen" name and associate the two in my mind when a name is mentioned. But then, I start to assume that these people look like their avatars. Like I really truly believe right now that DB4L looks like Bacon Bacon. I know for a fact Steven looked like Gene, mostly because he would try very hard to do that. But its funny when you finally meet someone in person at a Bronco game or whatever and they don't look remotely like their avatar picture. I can't remember who it was I met a few years back at the Steelers game, but I was surprised it was a middle aged white guy and not someone who looked like Ryan Clady.

I wonder if some day someone will meet me and be like: You don't look like a shaggy dog sitting in front of a stadium!?!? Of course, they'll probably meet me sitting in front of Sports Authority Field at Mile High and I probably do resemble a shaggy dog.
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