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The snowball[edit]On their last possession of the first half, the 49ers mounted a nine-play drive which ended in a 19-yard field goal attempt. As holder Matt Cavanaugh received the snap from center, a snowball thrown from the stands landed just in front of him. Distracted, he mishandled the football and was unable to hold it for kicker Ray Wersching. In desperation he picked up the ball and attempted a forward pass, but there were no receivers downfield and it fell incomplete. No penalties or palpably unfair acts were called, and the Broncos took over on downs.[1] They went on to win 1716, making the failed field goal a pivotal factor.

After the game, referee Jim Tunney explained, "We have no recourse in terms of a foul or to call it on the home team or the fans. There's nothing in the rule book that allows us to do that."[2] He ordered an increase in stadium security at halftime, and no further incidents occurred.[1]
My dad called me about 3 pm in the afternoon that day. Told me someone at work had given him tickets. It had just snowed and they didn't want to get out in the cold. We were at the game sitting on about the 30 yd line. There were a number of snowballs thrown during the game from stands. Even with a few warnings over the address system. However, the one thrown toward Ray Wersching (sp) was the best one thrown all night long. Timing was perfect. Always great to beat the 49ers no matter how it happened.
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