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Originally Posted by maven View Post
You cannot say Rose will be fine. We have to see him play multiple months on his repaired knee. Time will tell...
it was a basic ACL tear. nothing more to it, unless he injures his other knee or re-injuries the torn one will be fine.
one injury doesn't forever doom the player. an acl tear is a simple fix nowadays.

Originally Posted by colorado jones View Post
Brian Shaw is the next Nuggets coach.
very good move. i bet he does wonders for their bigs like he did in Indy.

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Rose will be fine. Now they just need to move Deng to get a shot at Oladipo.
we should have dealt him last season instead of ****ing around. we wanted Harrison Barnes and wouldn't ok the deal.
now we could get #3 from the Wiz and take Oladipo,Porter or etc and the Bulls "are only gauging his trade value."
i swear to God the Bulls have this insane love affair with certain players beyond reason.
Hinrich and now Deng. but we couldn't keep Asik or Gordon.
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