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Gladio is one of the most under reported stories of the last 60+ years.

The CIA/NATO staged terrorism all over Europe over a 45 year period -- from the late forties until 1990, when the scandal broke in the European press.

The CIA was involved in bombings, smear campaigns, assassination and coups -- including a couple of attempted coups against French pres. De Gaulle. This is why DeGaulle angrily pulled France out of NATO -- which forced the US to move NATO headquarters from Paris to Brussels.

But the average American knows nothing about this -- because the US press has never informed us.

This covert history no doubt explains why -- shortly after 9/11 -- French intelligence leaked the story about how Osama bin Laden visited the US hospital in Dubai in July 2001 for dialysis treatments -- and was visited at the hospital by the CIA station chief. The French had every good reason to piss on the CIA parade.


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