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Chris Harris

In the dorms, I lived directly across the hall from a CU football player. A good player, borderline star -- went on to a a seven year NFL career (just checked Wiki). Dude had a chiseled physique (i.e. not a fatty lineman) which made him very popular with the ladies. Girls at all hours. Constant parade of different girls going in his room. Girls knocking on our door to ask if we knew when he'd be home. Girls with hot bods dressed to impress, etc. Girls, girls, girls. Always a smile on his face......

The next year, had a different football player as a next door neighbor who went on to play two years in the NFL. That guy lived like almost like a monk, and from what I could see took advantage of his opportunities only a little more than Tebow. Don't think he was gay, he just was a hell of a lot more quiet and wasn't a lady player.

Moral of the story: Epic amounts of tail are available to college sports stars if they want it. But some don't take advantage, for whatever reason.
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