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Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post
Both of you are definitely helping the decision here. I like to think of myself as a "thorough" gamer. Over the years, I've purchased games across the board, from mmorpg's and fps's, to every Zelda/Mario offering and Tiger Woods, to story based epics. The games that I enjoy the most, are the ones where I'm totally engrossed. I'm just finishing up Red Dead Redemption for the third time, simply because it's such a wonderful and addictive world. I'll happily wander around, ooohing and aaaahing over one of the most gorgeous set pieces I've seen in a game. I also really enjoy first person shooters, as I love online multiplayer. I've purchased (and worn out) just about every COD/MW/BF that's been offered. I will play the **** out of a game that makes me think, has a unique (and well told) storyline that brings me into the world, and forces me to think outside of the box. I'm not a 100% completion kind of guy, but damn close.

Anywho, I just love the art of storytelling in these types of games. When you can become absolutely consumed for hours at a time, because of the way the graphics/sound/plot come together...there's really nothing quite like it.

From everything you've both described, it sounds like this has that potential! Bioshock (in my opinion) was great, but I never felt "tied" to the characters. It had some beautiful storytelling, and yet there was something lacking...I dunno, it just didn't grab me like I was expecting it to. I'm a zombie nut anyways, and have enjoyed Naughty Dog's titles, so this one definitely piqued my interest.

I've read a LOT of your posts Drek, and Chris, I've seen many of the games you play on PSN...I'll strap on the simulated 7.1 surrounds and give it a shot.

Thanks for the input!

My brother cant figure out why I replay games like Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect. I enjoy those kind of stories. I just love those universes, so its not a chore to me to become the last Cousland or be Shepard over and over.

Last of Us had me when Joel is crouching down and Ellie runs up and gets between him and the wall. Its a small thing, but it makes you care about the characters. Its just them man, no help is coming.

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