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I can say its been awhile since I have played through a game where I had to stop because of the tension built into the game. Some of the scenarios you and Ellie are in make you wonder how the hell you make it out of it. When they say limited ammo...they mean it. You cannot just blast your way through the game. I didnt do it early on in the game and I died alot, but when its quiet, you need to make weapons (shivs are your friend), nail bombs, molotov cocktails and health packs. You need to upgrade your weapons, and you need to find vitamins to improve personal stats. The ability to hear whats around the corner is important. Helps you strategize how to get around or away from a giant horde of clickers.

Last of Us is a better game then Bioshock Infinite. Thats not even a contest. But alot depends on what kind of gamer you are. For some studios like Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch or Bioware, I will keep the game and replay the hell out of it because those games are worth hanging on to for me.

So I would say if you are leery of buying the Last of Us because of Bioshock Infinite the worry is overblown. You should not regret picking it up, but it depends on the kind of gamer you tend to be.

Damn it, this sounds awesome. It's going to piss me off to no end if a legit reason for me to go buy a ps3 comes out of the woodwork just in time for ps4. Although you'd think with how late this is a ps4 port would be in the works at the very least.
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