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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
Who are "you guys" with their devastatingly ****ty exclusives? As far as consoles go, they've both had pretty stellar exclusive the last two generations. Neither system has had all that many exclusives though. The big ones for Xbox have been Halo and Gears of War and PS have been God of War and Uncharted... there've been other titles as well that haven't had the same longevity, but I don't see your point on this.
You just defended what people supporting Xbox One's plans have been saying.

PS3 games: Good for 4-10 hours.
Xbox 360 games: Good for hundreds of hours.

Maybe not having sold a game back in years is making me think it's irrelevant.

Wait, I sold back Borderlands 2. Game was super duper fun for 9 hours
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