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Originally Posted by Doggcow View Post
Straw man? Go to your local gamestop and tell me how many used PC(or mac!) games they have for sale please. DRM Sony games are loaded with ads in the store, too. Last I checked the One isn't out, how do you know exactly everything about it? Or are you just going doomsday scenario on everything you can pull out of your ass.

I get it, you guys are up in arms that you've had devastatingly ****ty exclusives for the better part of a decade, and are excited that you have a pseudo-legitimate "haha see we told you they suck!" excuse now.

And on your point of "joining CoD/BF as major online shooters," Justin Beiber is popular as well...
Relax man. You dont have to pop an artery. The bolded made me lolz. Sony has some awesome exclusives, even if you think they suck.

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