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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
The Last of Us is a very different game from Bioshock Infinite. I think TLoU does a far better job developing the characters and the world has a lot more realistic slant than Bioshock Infinite.

For me I've got to say that I think The Last of Us is one of the best games I've ever played. It sets a new bar in terms of video game story telling and unlike many other story heavy games it doesn't sacrifice gameplay to do it. The game is definitely "survival horror" though. It won't play like Bioshock where you run and gun through it with crazy powers. The gameplay is much more like Resident Evil 4 meets Metal Gear. It makes for some very intense stealth/combat sections in the game, and the development choices you make for skill and gun upgrades are very meaningful. The game does have a pretty significant amount of (intentional) aim sway when you first start out as the developers wanted to highlight that you aren't playing a super soldier with pinpoint aim mid-run.

My complaints with the game are pretty limited, but are as follows: enemies are minor bullet sponges, not as bad as the Uncharted series but they take more shots to the chest/limbs than they should and it gets a bit frustrating in bigger gun fights. I would like larger, more in depth stages to explore as well but then TLoU is literally pushing the PS3 to the edge of it's life so I can't blame them for not having bigger areas to work with.

It's a definite 10/10 for me. It delivers unique, highly suspenseful gameplay, top of the generation graphics, the best sound I've heard in a game to date (amazing with 5.1 surround), and by far and away the most mature story line I've ever played in a game. The story feels like it was cribbed from a Cormack McCarthy/Coen brothers joint that got shelved somewhere along the way.
Sidebar: It's so good, we want to be able to sell it 2 days after we bought it. Since the gameplay is only a handful of hours.
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