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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
How are either of those anti-consumer?

iTunes works in an entirely digital domain, in no way trying to redefine ownership of physical media and attempts to overstep first-sale doctrine.

WoW is a single always online game that is advertised as such because that is the only way the concept works. It isn't online for the sake of checking that you are who you say you are, aren't pirating, and making sure all the ads they're going to shove in your face are updated.

I don't think you know the meaning of "invalid" if you think throwing out two starw men without actually framing any kind of rebuttal invalidates anything.

Sorry, what the hell are you talking about? Last I checked we live in a world where Counter-Strike GO, Planetside 2, Team Fortress 2, Arma II/DayZ, and a ton of other 100% multiplayer shooters exist.

Also, I'm pretty sure the little 4-6 hour campaigns they throw into BF and CoD aren't exactly taking away from their multiplayer design in any meaningful way.

Titanfall is by a new studio with some guys who had success with one particular IP. They're now trying a game format that has never worked very well before. I'm skeptical on them getting it right first time out of the gate and I have a feeling it's going to be more like Starhawk/Warhawk were on PS3 last generation with a small dedicated group of fans but unable to reach the mainstream consumer's consciousness.

Destiny is a much more likely bet to join CoD and BF as a new major online shooter.
Straw man? Go to your local gamestop and tell me how many used PC(or mac!) games they have for sale please. DRM Sony games are loaded with ads in the store, too. Last I checked the One isn't out, how do you know exactly everything about it? Or are you just going doomsday scenario on everything you can pull out of your ass.

I get it, you guys are up in arms that you've had devastatingly ****ty exclusives for the better part of a decade, and are excited that you have a pseudo-legitimate "haha see we told you they suck!" excuse now.

And on your point of "joining CoD/BF as major online shooters," Justin Beiber is popular as well...
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