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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
let's face it in the future the societies of the world will need a lot less people. The power that control everything will release flus and bacterias that only they have the vaccine or antibiotic for. Global warming will sap up all the water, lead to droughts, and starve the food supply of the 3rd world. Then the elite will live a life of luxury supported by extreme advances in technology. Robots that can do surgery, farm food, make everything, be your army. The only humans that aren't rich to be needed will be robot mechanics, hookers, and people who are really good at the arts. Writing, acting, music, painting etc. Then of course engineers to build better robots.

In the meantime though maybe the Broncos can win another superbowl or 2?
We can't comprehend what robots will do after singularity. They will be superior to humans in engineering, mechanics, and art.
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