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It's what I have been saying for years, "Where the hell is the outrage"

I think back the the protests during the Viet Nam war and compare the citizenry then to todays group of zombies and do not hold out much hope for the people to take back their government. It does not matter the latest outrage people just do not give a damn. I see the future as a combination of two movies, The Hunger Games & Idiocracy
I think the 'take to the streets' barometer isn't the best one to use in this day and age. Back in the '60's and 70's, making your opposition known required just that kind of public display. But just as we no longer have to go down to the coffee or barber shop to have political discussions, the need for taking to the streets in protest isn't what it used to be. Although that's not to say it can't come to that.
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