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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I notice that the corporate media has now shifted the story to "The Hunt for Red Snowden" instead of the real story: Is the U.S. government lying through its teeth and violating the Constitution on a daily basis while it builds the largest, most intrusive surveillance apparatus in history? In other words, is Snowden right?

But I guess the more entertaining story is "Where's Waldo?"
It's what I have been saying for years, "Where the hell is the outrage"

I think back the the protests during the Viet Nam war and compare the citizenry then to todays group of zombies and do not hold out much hope for the people to take back their government. It does not matter the latest outrage people just do not give a damn. I see the future as a combination of two movies, The Hunger Games & Idiocracy
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