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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Thats funny Rho we see it the exact opposite and feel like liberals transport us into bizzarro land.

But you should be upset then when suppossed liberals you voted in to change things do nothing. You should hate Obama more then Bush. Why? Because under Bush you had hope the next president would be progressive, would be different, in steps obama to save the day.

Now he has Pelosi defending the NSA, is starting a proxy war with Russia in Syria, let islamic radicals take over Libya, Egypt and lost our foothold in Iraq. His economy still stinks and now he wants to unveil his final attack on it, the carbon tax. His dream of making coal fired plants too expensive could happen if his party wins in 2014. Also he just removed a huge chunk of land that should have been drilled on. Basically now that his agenda falling apart my theory is he will try and salvage it by going environmental freak and really screwing up the economy.

It's a freak show alright but its not because of rich people or corporations.

What's obama to do. Invade every mid east country & force everyone at gun point to vote for who we want as leader.
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