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Malik Jackson

The major impediment to government working anymore is an out-of-control Right Wing radical movement bordering on anarchy, determined to either get rid of government, or failing that, to make sure it can't work, even at it's proper role. It takes nothing for a single member of the so-called Tea Party to tack an amendment onto a bill that promptly kills it, or better yet, forces the opposition to vote against it and be blamed for it. The basis of our form of government, as George Washington put it, is "accommodation." The Right Wingers have thrown that out. In other words, they no longer believe in our style of government. They believe in "My way or the highway." That's not republicanism. That's not democracy.

I'm sick of hearing this same old propaganda **** about the "socialists" and "liberals" and blah, blah, blah. There hasn't been a liberal piece of legislation in this country in thirty years. Every move we have made for three decades has been Right, Right and more Right. We took down the progressive tax system, deregulated banks and Wall Street, dropped the effective corporate tax rate by 20%, reformed welfare to the point that half the recipients got kicked off, reduced funding across the board on every "liberal" program you can name, created a bunch of corporate friendly trade policies that destroyed the labor movement in this country, allowed corporations to rewrite our energy, water, clean air and forest policies, created a foreign policy that funnels wealth into the military/industrial complex, and watched as the income disparity exploded, the burden of government was shifted to the backs of the middle class, and the poor were kicked to the curb. Now they want to kill food stamps?

I can see why the propaganda is so shrill from the Right. They don't want the American people to know that it is their philosophy and their policies that have governed America for the last thirty years. If there is one thing that terrifies Republicans more than anything else, it is taking responsibility, and it is their policies that have destroyed America. We gave them all the money. Where are the jobs?

And then the lunatics on the Right scream that our problems are caused by the Left. It's like living in a freak show.

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