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Originally Posted by mkporter View Post
Or they don't just look at sack totals... Percentage of pass rushes resulting in QB pressures:
Yes, now you're talking ... indeed sacks are just one of several stats that measure pass-rushing skill. But in making that point, you help cement my rankings as accurate:
1) Watt >>>>>>>
2) Miller >>>
3) A.Smith
-- - - -
4) The rest....
Why does your argument to look at more than mere sack totals bolster these rankings? Because of the REST of the stats that measure pass-rushing skill: Passes batted down (he led the league with a record 16), Defeats (led league with a record 56), QB disruptions (led league w 76), and finally led the league in both sacks (20.5) and TFL (16). SO impressive I had to add one more > to his lead. But I won't be fooled again, he won't McGwire me ... I'm ready any day to see "Watt tests positive for banned substance." Hope not, but I'm ready.
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