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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
With arguably the best offensive player, defensive player, a top 5 offense and defense you should have won at least 1 playoff game right?

He're the thing: Tebow had the same team and won in the playoffs against a top 5 defense.
Man, this is just pathetic. Kansas City was 2 and 14. TWO and 14. That's baghead territory buddy, and you're lecturing Denver fans about our play-offs potential and history? Really? I'd think you'd be too embarrassed to wear that moth-eaten KC Super Bowl Champs sweatshirt out of fear people in that city would think you're lying. After all, it's been two generations. Hell, people are walking around in their 20's who can't remember you ever winning a play-off game. Quit while you're behind. After all, it better fits your franchise history.
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