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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Speak English, anyone? WTF does this even mean?

The truth is that the QE is nothing but a continuance of the 2008 bail out -- which the too big to fails must have to stay afloat. Unfortunately the Fed and the US gov't have committed to this agenda -- much to the nation's detriment.

For the record, I have never claimed to be an investor -- only a writer. That's evidently too much to get your itsy-bitsy mind around.
Shouldn't a 'writer'....and I use the term loosely, have access to a thesaurus??

Easing: Reduction, decrease, relaxation.
If the rest of the sentence is beyond your comprehension, then your claim to being a 'writer' is as nonsensical as your looney 911 theories.

As for you not being an 'investor,' I doubt anyone would have thought otherwise.

Go do an honest days work instead of leaching off the victims of 911.
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