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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
But once iran has them everything could change. Pakistan and N Korea probably the scariest right now but wait until Iran has some nukes Gaff. Then those Jews will really need to watch out huh?
In case you didn't notice, we survived the Cold War despite the fact that the US and USSR pointed thousands of ICBMs at one another. Neither side blinked.

The present situation in the Mideast is very different. In the first place there is no evidence Iran is developing nukes. Not a shred -- just disinfo spread by Israel.

Even if Iran did get them -- why would this change anything? It would not.

No, the issue -- in a nutshell -- is that Israel will not tolerate ay state in the region to possess a deterrent -- whether conventional or nuclear.

Iran now has a conventional deterrent -- medium range missiles that can accurately target Israel. This Israel cannot abide -- and this is what the broooha is all about. It's not even about nukes.

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