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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
I know it's just the very start of the offseason, but I honestly don't think anyone in the East can beat the Heat.

As for the West, I think the Spurs will still be good, but will start declining. Thunder and Spurs at the top though.

Would love to see CP3 in Houston with Harden. That would just be awesome.
the Bulls and Pacers can potentially beat the Heat.
the Pacers get Granger back next year and they draft well.

the Bulls will have Rose back but have to stay healthy.

CP3 is staying with the Clips. the team called the Celts this morning and offered a future first for Doc and they're close to a deal.
Thunder,Spurs,Clippers & Nuggz if they hire Hollins should do well and contend.
the real wildcard will be the Mavs. they're ****ed if they don't get Howard.

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Rumor: Paul Pierce to Cavs for 2nd round picks #31 & #33

I doubt it happens, and he should retire a Celtic.
would be perfect for the Cavs. they need a SF and a vet presence to help that young team.
then you add Alex Len at the C position and that's a very nice team for Mike Brown to shape. plus... Pierce would be retiring at about the same time as LeBron is a FA...

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