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Because he had the gun and he killed the kid. I am not saying he WASN'T the one yelling I am saying they would have a hard time proving he was the guy yelling.

All along I said that I wanted Zimmerman arrested and to stand trial. If a jury finds him innocent I have no problem at all with that.

I think there is a 90% chance he walks. Florida's stand your ground law and the make-up of the jury will almost assuredly find him innocent, and I am fine with that. It's Florida their laws.
It seems very obvious Zimmerman was the one calling for help. If you were beating someone who pulled out a gun, you wouldn't back off when you saw the gun and would instead yell "Help help!" and keep straddling the guy until you take a slug into the upper lobe of a lung? I think you'd immediately let go of the guy, get the hell off him, and bail the hell out of there. Martin was shot at close range straight into the chest. He wasn't shot at an angle or at a distance as if he was trying to move away.

Yes. It was Zimmerman.

If the trial is just - he does walk. He shouldn't be on trial to begin with. The state caved into media-driven mobs threatening riots.

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