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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Some people are perfectly happy with their government violating the Constitution every day in order to spy on them. All they need is for somebody in big daddy government to pat them on the head and say, "We're doing it for your safety."
Oh there's plenty of dissent, but you can't expect to see much of it in the mainstream media.

Unfortunately there is a lot of truth to the criticism of the MSM by the likes of Chomsky in that they definitely tow the line for the politically and financially powerful. You aren't going to get the full truth from them and you are more than not going to be told what to think and what are the acceptable boundaries of thought and behavior are.

This government is extremely corrupt and specifically by powerful special interests and are also using the media to market their agenda, quite clearly.

I think we should do with corrupt government officials like they do in China - execute them. My tolerance level with governmental corruption has vanished to a nub of a fuse. What is being done right now is simply not working.
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