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What shocks me is that a corporation (Booz Allen) owned by the Carlyle Group has CIA agents on its payroll who are spying on Americans for the U.S. government. Seriously. WTF? Meanwhile, America goes, "Meh." Doesn't give me much hope for the future.
The DHS never should have been created to begin with and the Patriot Act and similar should never have been put into law. They are either mindless, emotional overreactions or were waiting in the wings to be put into place the minute a viable pretext came along.

There is one simple and very obvious way to stop this homeland terrorism: Stop importing people from violent toilets. We never had this problem until we loosened immigration law. Apparently in some eyes its more morally acceptable to spy on everyone than it is to stop importing people from hell holes. Isn't that special? One word explains this behavior : liberalism. We just can't be diskirminatin' and sheeeeet, can we? So we'll do as we always do and harass everybody instead of looking at troublemakers because that would be "profiling" regardless of how much the shoe fits.

Unfortunately, if the media goes "Meh," so often do Americans. The media hyped Alar in the 80s so everyone pooped their pants. Last year they hyped extremely rare murders with "assault weapons" so everyone pooped their pants. Now this. Meh.

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