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While jurors in Mr. Zimmermanís second-degree-murder trial, which will open here Monday, may get to hear the recording in court, they will not hear the opinions of two audio experts for the prosecution about who the screamer is, or is not. One concluded that the voice was not Mr. Zimmermanís; the other said it was very likely Mr. Martinís.

In an order released on Saturday, the judge in the case, Debra S. Nelson, excluded their testimony. She said the science supporting the expertsí analyses ďis not as widely accepted at this timeĒ as the more established methods relied on by defense witnesses who said it was impossible to conclude whose voice it was.

I wonder how big this for th prosecution.
It is probably a big win for the prosecution. Somebody on the tape was yelling repeatedly for help. I think they would have had a hard time convincing a jury it was Zimmerman.
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