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It's one thing to be a whistle blower, it's another if he's giving all these details to China,Russia,Venezuela or cuba. He's shopping what he knows to whatever country that will harbor him.
When it was just an issue of him being whistle blower I didn't have an issue with what he did,but the fact that he's traveling to every known antagonist country we disagree with poses a lot of questions.
Does anyone actually think the Chinese government didn't monitor & have a sit down with snowden?
Hong Kong could've easily extradited snowden, Hong Kong on any other extradition would only need to know someone was charged and it was to the U.S. in order to extradite a person. Now all of the sudden they want to claim the paperwork wasn't properly filed.
In the end I don't buy the hype that he's some kind of hero. Initially,I thought he was,but as more facts/news comes out about this the more I think he crossed the line from being a simple whistle blower to someone selling out his country for simple self interest.
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