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Major props to AZ and the others for their hard-earned insight.

In November of 2011, I got slammed with a sudden onset of the most horrendous, continuous wave of anxiety attacks. Spent the worst 6 weeks of my life pretty much in bed or around the house, constantly battling strong symptoms. Even woke up in the middle of the night in mid attack a few times, oh man that was the absolutely scariest.

It has been a struggle but I've gotten through the worst of it and am doing better these days.

Wish I had time to write out a longer post, wrong time but alas.

I echo the comments about exercise and living well. An improved diet and new found love of hiking with my dog (btw getting a dog was huge for me personally, totally got me up and going and the loving mutual care part of it was helpful too) has eased the panic attacks greatly. Of course, kicking my cig and pot habit didn't hurt either haha. Still have work left to do but I'll say this: maybe it's not true for all, but for me at least, I think the panic attacks were my subconscious screaming at me and punishing me for not living WELL.
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