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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by TDmvp View Post
I have had panic attacks since I was a teenager and it crippling at times.
I would never have them in public it would just sneak up on my when alone and would start thinking about something I shouldn't be and BOOM I'd be in trouble.

Sometimes it would be so bad I would about hyperventilate and pass out.

I had always thought there is noway a doctor or a shrink could help you with a fear/thought but my girlfriend finally talked me into going to the doctor about it and it was life changing. 10mg of lexapro later and I haven't had a panic attack in 2 years and at 38 years old finally aint on egg shells.

As someone who totally drugs for this type of thing I learned if used the right way it can really be helpful.

Hang in there Rugby ...
Glad you found something that is working for you TD. But be careful mate. What your taking is not a cure. It does have it's own side affects and sometimes the longer you take something the more damage it can do. And doctors, even though they are good hearted folks, aren't really out to help you find a natural solution. It's in their best interest to get your on a medication. I often think at how many times I've seen a doctor for various things and more times then not, before having me try something natural, they will be writing a prescription. Sometimes people need these drugs, as you are taking, to help them get to the point where they feel they can start making changes. And that's fine. But I would suggest to you, have a plan. Make a plan that makes the changes in your life you need, and a plan to get off the drugs. Please don't accept that you are going to need to take these the rest of your life. I'm not trying to say what's right for you but I'll trust scientific studies that show the long term problems people have with these drugs over what a medical doctor tells me simply because they're all about writing prescriptions. The more they write the more money the make.

Just watch -

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