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As some have stated I get anxiety during periods of stressf. The night before bug meetings I get all the symptoms of anxiety. I even suffered panic attacks in some instances. I had a brief spell of panic attacks that required medication but I do not take anyone now. I am not against mess as I think they work when used right, I just don't need them anymore.

The best thing I can say is recognizing and accepting that you have it is great. The diary thing is good too. I kept notes of when they occurred and the condition I was in and the environment. Tracking that helped me recognize what situations to expect them. I also track what works to reduce the impacts. You won't ever be fully cured of anxiety but you can find tools to cope. Tracking the ones that work best helps you figure it out more quickly.

Anxiety can definitely feel debilitating sometimes. Hope it gets better for you and you find the solution that works best for you sooner rather than later. It isn't fun.
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