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Chris Harris

Another thing is that, just like in life, different things work for different people. I've been a part of anxiety discussion groups before and have heard many different people talk about what works for them and what doesn't. There are some common things that seem to work, at least to some degree, for most people and then there are a whole host of things that seem to be hit or miss, just depends on you and your situation. But the one thing hard core anxiety will force you to do is to start looking for answers. There's just no magic pill. You have to deal with that. The medications, and I mean all of them, have their own side affects and it's only a matter of time before you would have to increase dosage, and then the side affects get even worse. I don't know how many times I've heard from people who have went on the benzo's tell me they got to the point where the side affects got worse then having to actually deal with the anxiety itself. Same with the depression drugs, tons of side affects, not worth it. But keep trying things, you never know what might work for you. But make sure you give yourself enough time trying it. Most things that help your anxiety you won't even notice their affects for several weeks, maybe even several months.

I'm with Razor on this one. For me, spending too much time on a PC is not good. Sometimes I would be on a PC for 14 hours a day, for months. Your brain is just on overload. My mother would often tell me, so many people today have anxiety because they just sit down at a computer all day, and a couch all night and eat nothing but garbage. Back in my day, she would say, we had to work with our hands and body's, lifting and carrying things. Anybody ever heard of that saying "hard work is good for the soul", well it's good for the mind also.

And for god sake, treat yourself. I used to NEVER do that. I was always so worried about spending money. Would never take a vacation. Would never go get a massage (I always thought that was for sissy men). Well call me a sissy then because now I get one every week. Just get a note from your doctor that you suffer from anxiety disorder and you can write them off on your taxes. There, now you can get them for free so no need to worry about it. And now I also get away on mini vacations every month. I'll go drive a few hours away somewhere out of town for 2 days. I find, that for me, changing the scenery really helps. Looking at the same old crap every day, you need to get away.

Anyway great discussion. I always enjoy to hear encouraging and positive thoughts on how people have dealt with their anxiety.
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