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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by rugbythug View Post
Anyone else on here have anxiety issues? Apparently it runs in the family as both my mom and younger brother are on medicine already. I currently get crazy anxious over tiny things, like when I have bills coming up and have enough to pay them but I am anxious about it anyway. Feels like I cheated on my wife and she is about to find out. I used to drink a lot but realized I was turning into an Alcoholic so I have given that up as well. Now I just work more, when I am working I feel OK- But who wants to work and sleep only.
It's not easy living with anxiety, I can attest to that because my wife has anxiety, and I am one of the only people she can comfortably confide in. My advice to you would be to open a line of dialogue with your spouse where you can essentially unload your disparaging thoughts. Inform her ahead of time that nothing that you are thinking is really grounded in fact, but you need a reassuring voice to keep your anxiety in check. I'll try and get my Wife to PM you with some thoughts later. If you ever need help you can shoot me a PM too. Best of luck brother.
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