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Peyton Manning

I can't believe how it turned out:

Elway, Atwater, T.J., Little

Not even close in my opinion.

Elway and Little yes.....I put Gradishar right after Elway in best ever in the franchise. I know a lot of you never got to see Gradishar play....but, he was the best LB of his generation....better than Ham, Lambert, etc. He was the face of the franchise.

And, I'm sorry....I give Bowlen a lot of grief.....but, the Denver Broncos as we know them...a top 5 franchise over the past all about Bowlen.

The correct Mt. Rushmore: Elway, Little, Gradishar, Bowlen

Honorable mentions: Billy Thompson, Steve Atwater Shannan Sharpe, T.D., Meck, Louie Wright, Tom Jackson, Rod Smith, Tom Nalen, Zim, Dennis Smith, Champ Bailey, Al Wilson
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