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Hmmm lets see I play blues, jazz, rock, and r&b for a 2nd life. I wonder who knows or hangs with more black people. I joke with my only close black friend about Obama all the time and tons of other stuff. I will conceed also if you aren't very close with someone of any other race, or sexual preference probably not great to drop a great black joke. Hopefully you have some black friends that make fun of you Houghtam. Im a white dude playing black music most of the time so trust me black musicians tease me all the time. Also if you aren't ready to be able to do a smackdown then you haven't hung out playing dominoes with the rhythm section. Black dudes will eat you alive if you don't have thick skin and don't have a sense of humor.

But obviously Houghtam jokes that are about someone being less then you, or ones that are mean are never a good idea. And no I would never walk up to black people and start **** like I do with you on the internet. Trying to think you know what people are like by the internet is a joke. So I have an unpolitically correct sense of humor and made fun of the chiefs when that guy shot himself. Ok I will give you that sometimes I go over the edge but i digress. To think you know what sort of person I am makes me laugh. For instance if you were anything like you are on the internet someone would have beat you to death years ago.
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