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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post

If you were more impressed with that, you would have brought that up first, instead of A) bringing up the fact that he was a SEAL and B) comparing his military service to the ethnicity of someone who he's not even running against.

No, more than likely you heard he was a SEAL first, got a boner like you Republicans always do for politicians who served in the military (as long as they agree with your views), THEN looked up who he actually was.
Big deal you can still be more impressed with the 2nd thing you find out about someone. Not like we all are up to date with every election until we read some about the people right? Or Houghtam do you just know everything without needing any internet, books, magazines, papers, tv? So what the first thing I heard was former navy seal vying for senate seat? Then i read up about the two of them and found out one is young, a success in business, and a former navy seal. The other is a career politician who always votes the party line. His big thing is hey if you vote for him the repubs might win the senate. WOW that is inspiring isn't it? Oh and I guess now I know he was in the army like 400 yrs ago.
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