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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I'm more impressed what this guy has done in business then his Seal background. Why vote in some DC career politician whose only campaign line is if you vote for him, and enough other repubs get elected, then we could lose the Senate.

That would turn me off. I want to hear what you will do for the state, not how you are just beholden to your party. Check this guys votes. He is 100% for his own party. Better hope the bill that dems want isn't bad for your state. This dude would suck up to Pelosi and vote away.

If you were more impressed with that, you would have brought that up first, instead of A) bringing up the fact that he was a SEAL and B) comparing his military service to the ethnicity of someone who he's not even running against.

No, more than likely you heard he was a SEAL first, got a boner like you Republicans always do for politicians who served in the military (as long as they agree with your views), THEN looked up who he actually was.
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