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Then lastly why in the hell hasn't Obama went harder on this issue. His wife got called out by an angry activist over that issue.

At this point we have states that just won't do it. Hell here in ca it went down. I voted to have it be legal by the way. The bad news was mormon money and black people being against it sent it to defeat. When religion and a racial voting block come together watch out. You won't win. I did go back and forth on gay marriage but now I am firmly in the all people should have the right to make the huge mistake of marriage. I just know somewhere there is a gay dude who said he would marry but its illegal. Now his mate is like OOOOH we can get married now its legal. The other dude is like damn I never really wanted to marry lol!

Anyways my point is trying to do something like this at the state level is as stupid as trying to make drugs legal in only a couple states. Or have arizona try and take over border control themselves, or do their own immigration policy.

Some things scream out load for Presidential leadership and a change of FEDERAL law. Its the only way to force some dude in Kentucky has never read a book to be forced to deal with it. Its not a Presidents job to follow the polls. I don't want a president that does that i want one who leads us and when we are wrong he changes our minds. Or if too many won't come along you force feed it to us.

Some things should be done at the states. I love states rights. But when it comes to who can marry the law should be set IMO at the federal level. know if some private church doesn't want to allow gays to marry there then that is up to them. Big deal go to a different church. But there is no way gay marriage makes its rounds without the feds busting up that defense of marriage ideal. Not sure if that was law? or what feds doing on this but IMO it has to happen there. This 15 states have done it crap will never get all the way through all 50.
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