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And here is a perfect example of "what is wrong" with the GOP.

Here we have one of its mouth-breathing members saying "I support gay marriage, but those gays will never be normal."

Even if that is true, why do you feel the need to say it? Do you think your need to tack the "but it's not normal" part at the end of your statement comes off as a positive or negative attitude toward gays? Do you think someone who hears "but you're not normal" is going to be more or less likely to vote for someone when they hear that?

And that's the problem. Instead of saying "you know what, it's my position that the government doesn't need to have a hand in it", end of story, you look like you're just trying to throw the LGBT community a proverbial bone.

"Here you go guys. Don't mistake this for my liking, caring about or approving of your lifestyle. But yeah, I guess since you've whined about it for long enough we'll pretend we're listening to you."

Just learn to shut your mouth at the right time, and you may actually appear as if you're not a total idiot who wants to set the clock back 60 years. Then maybe the LGBT crowd will actually begin to listen to some other conservative ideas - before realizing they're crazy ideological pie-in-the-sky high hopes that could never be realized and wholly reject them. (See what happens when someone continues talking when they should have stopped?)
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