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DJ Williams

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Flacco's receivers and o-line (especially Boldin) were the main reason he put up those numbers. Meanwhile, people conveniently forget that the guy's mediocre play in the regular season nearly caused his team to miss the playoffs entirely.

Oh and Cam Newton is crap. He puts up nice numbers at times but he can't do **** when the game is on the line.
Flacco is ranked above: Luck, Eli, Cam, Russel Wilson, Big Ben, Stafford, and Kaepernick. Other than Big Ben I don't see a problem

I think he deserves that after last season, and to me he is a lot like Eli when he won his first super bowl ring. I also believe Flacco's rating will plummet by next year, but he deserves it for this year.

And for Cam give me one example where the game was on the "line" and he couldnt get it done
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