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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Gold has a history, yes, and so does the US intelligence community, which you know zero about.

Why don't you admit that you are only in it for numero uno, yourself, as in: me, me, me, me?

You are just another selfish bastard, just another greedy materialistic American.

You think because you've made money in the markets that you are now an expert.

In the coming daze lots of guys just like you are going to be ground up and plowed under. Grist for the New World Odor -- and I do mean odor.

It is going to stink to high heaven.

Bernanke has given a clear signal that the markets will soon be shaken. But fools like Brit who drank the kool aide listen only to themselves.

Soon? How soon? Any firm date? Otherwise it's just more of your "doom and gloom soon" mantra, steeped and generalities and mixed with vagaries for a nice BS Tea.
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