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Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Two more questions from the audience (sorry).

1. Does Phibacka have to consent in order to be transporter-beamed aboard another ship?

Nope, Phibacka only gets beamed up if he CHOOSES to ram a ship. If a ships crew decides to beam him up he has no choice. The price you pay for trying to ram another mans ship.

Remember Phibacka is not obligated to ram a ship. He can survive to the next round, granted he loses a vote

2. If not, then what happens if two or more ships attempt to beam him the same round? Transporter malfunction? Evil duplicates? Instant death?

The first ship to have the required number of members agree to beam him up is declared the winner. That won't be known until after the vote.
See bolded

Also a point of clarification because JCM is the rules creator and I am the vote tally guy I had to clarify with him. He is away from the computer.

Remember only 3 of 4 shipmates have to agree to take on phibacka. This needs to be stated when members of the ships vote. If a team decides they want to take on Phibacka I suggest making that statement, regardless of whether or not phibacka has notified of the ramming. If it is not stated it will be treated as if the shipmate chooses not to accept phibacka.

I am sorry that JCM added this and then proceeded to go out of computer range. PM him with the anger.

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