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Paul Ernster

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post

ALL HANDS ON DECK! An alien threat is rising! They knocked out the power of the fleet, but the Federation has recovered and is sending out all remaining ships in the area to meet the foe!! Please report to your vessel!!

U.S.S. Dortoh

Captain/Commanding Officer Bowtown
Lt./Chief Engineer DBroncos4life
Ensign/Weapons Officer BroncoMan4Ever
Cadet Quoydogs

U.S.S. Watermock
Captain/Commanding Officer Broncosteven
Lt./Chief Engineer Falconer
Ensign/Weapons Officer Gunns
Cadet Bmoremanning

U.S.S. Majik
Captain/Commanding Officer Rabb
Lt./Chief Engineer Dr. Broncenstein
Ensign/Weapons Officer ghwk
Cadet Irish Stout

U.S.S. McGaffney
Captain/Commanding Officer Heyneck
Lt./Chief Engineer BFLOSurvivor
Ensign/Weapons Officer Ludo21
Cadet Ultimatehobo

Space Shuttle Foneco
Operator Phibacka31 (who gets the honor having only one post in the thread, prior to the vote deadline for Round 2, narrowly beaten out by Falconerís last-minute flurry of appearances.)

These are your new teammates! Fight and struggle together, and we will overcome our foe.

What do these assignments mean? I donít know. Iím just the Acting Communications Officer for the day.

But Iím sure youíll find out once you engage the enemy.

But wait, Iím getting another transmission! Great Scott! Thereís even more!

On our mission, we have been granted an ally! The Klingons are with us, and they offer us a boon of strength!

This will be abstractly represented as follows. For all previous rounds where you have made an attack (voted for someone) you get an additional vote to spend as you see fit. (We assume youíve kept track of these; if not, then good luck with that.)

Also, crew members who have battle scars are to be rewarded! The player who has taken the most cumulative damage to this point, gets three extra votes to spread over the next three rounds. This would be Ultimatehobo!

Second most damaged gets two extra votes over the next two rounds. According to my calculations, this would be Dbroncos4life!

And third most gets one extra vote for this round. This would be Broncosteven!


The Interlopers may also have some information for you....

Voting for this round is due to Apa and JCMElway no later than 6 PM MST / 8 PM EST Tomorrow.

Federation Headquarters OUT.

plus the additional philbacka rules... yikes

this is too much but i suppose ill arm my torpedos
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