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Aldon lines up NEXT to Justin Smith. Von lines up across from Elvis. Looking at film you can literally see Justin Smith holding and grabbing the tackle blocking Aldon, or Justin holding the Gaurd and Tackle when Aldon stunts inside. and yeah SIX straight games without a sack for Aldon, whereas Von didn't have a sack in three games because one of his hands was turned into a CLUB(look at my profile pic).
This is exactly right. Aldon is great pass rusher, but Smith helps his numbers a ton. Hes such a distributive force that teams have to double him a majority of the time. And like others have said, without Smith, Aldon hasnt accumulated sacks.

Ive watched a lot of Niners games living here in norcal, and most of my friends are niners fans, and every single one agrees Von is a much better pass rusher than Smith.

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