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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
... my point was about Cameron Wake. And JJ Watt is not part of this list, this is just edge-rushers.

You make decent points, but kinda one-sided and incomplete, to wit:
  • Von Miller had three straight sackless games too, finished 2011 reg season like that
  • But Aldon Smith went even more than the 3 you mentioned, he went SIX straight w/o a sack - none in 3 playoff games
  • Justin Smith is money for his brother Aldon (49ers extended him today), but Von had Elvis Dumervil alongside both his seasons ... two Pro Bowl years for Elvis, who more than doubled Justin Smith's sack totals

The numbers are all over the place. I agree Von's a better pass-rusher, but not by much. Aldon has bested him in sacks both seasons, let's wait 'til Von beats his numbers before we go with your >>>>>>>>>>. For now I'll say >>>.

Pretty easy to rank them overall...

Ranking all pass rushers:

1. JJ Watt >>>>>>
2. Von Miller >>>
3. Aldon Smith
. . . . . . then the rest . . . . . .
Matthews, Suggs, Ware, Wake, etc ....

That's the list. If somebody disagree, they're not paying attention or they just don't get it.
Aldon lines up NEXT to Justin Smith. Von lines up across from Elvis. Looking at film you can literally see Justin Smith holding and grabbing the tackle blocking Aldon, or Justin holding the Gaurd and Tackle when Aldon stunts inside. and yeah SIX straight games without a sack for Aldon, whereas Von didn't have a sack in three games because one of his hands was turned into a CLUB(look at my profile pic).
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