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Casey Kreiter

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Questions from the viewing audience....

We understand that players target other players; not other ships per se. But ...

1. Do these rules apply to Phibacka as well? If he decides to go kamikaze, does he target a ship? Or a player on a ship?

2. Can players shoot other players on their own ship?

3. What happens in the case of a tie? In other words, let's say the crew on ship X takes the most overall damage, but the damage is distributed 6/6/2/0. Which of the first two "tied" crewmembers dies?

4. What happens if Phibacka crashes into a ship without getting beamed aboard another ship. We understand that he dies. And that he dies horribly. In a flaming bloody psychotic pyre of destruction. But would he count as the only casualty in the round? Or would you still calculate damage for the other players and eliminate one other player accordingly?
5. If Picard had to go into the Nexus in order to stop Soran, is he technically still in there, and everything we see concerning him afterwards still technically inside the reality of the energy ribbon? The reason I bring this up is because Guinan mentions that no one leaves there willingly, and that the survivors of the transport that she and Soran were on were forcibly ripped away when the Enterprise-B transported them out, while they were still in the process of being phased into the Nexus. With this in mind, is Picard still in the Nexus, but believes he is not? And if he is, what would he do should he come to the realization that he has been living nothing but a dream since he first went in? On top of this, where would the ribbon, on its original altered path, end up going to next?

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