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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
We run a multi-terabyte SSD array for some very performance critical data. While they are expensive (about double the per-megabyte), they are extremely fast. 12 months in they have been *very* durable as well. Failure rates far below what our hard drives are seeing.

My laptop is a pure SSD as well (so "main hard drive"). At 500 GB it provides the storage I need, is performant, and extremely fast. A year in on this it's been just fantastic as well.
Yeah SSDs are great. They are VERY durable - they don't have moving mechanical parts like HDDs do. As far as their lifetime issues, they are overrated as well. Technology is moving so fast even people that are not tech savvy upgrade their computers within 4-5 years anyway and will buy a new SSD to go with it.

Price is still the killer (though it's getting better everyday). Your 500GB SSD costs more than many people's laptops. You must be getting some great deals on SSDs if you can get them for double the per-megabyte... You can easily find a 1TB HDD for $50, every once in awhile you can get a great deal on a 500GB SSD for ~$280. That's close to 12x per megabyte cost difference.
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