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To be honest, that was such a crappy game 7 to watch. It was kinda painful. It looked like nobody had very much left for this game.
But the Heat should give like half of the MVP award to Ginobli. Spurs fans gotta be upset with him this series. Turnover machine, 8 in game 6 and even though they said 0 up til the 4th, he had a few in game 7.
ESPECIALLY at the end of the game, failing to catch a pass, throwing a pass out of bounds and the most idiotic one, tossing it up to Lebron with under 30 seconds to go.

Now, how do you put Ginobli on the floor the way he's been playing, and sit Parker on the bench?

It was a great win for the Heat, Battier came to freakin play in game 7 haha.
Well, however bad Ginobli sucked was equaled and probably passed by Bosh's suckiness.
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