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I'm not qualified to give a broad historical perspective to the selection. I first became a Bronco fan when I was 7, ironically the 1983 season, only vaguely aware of the hype surrounding #7. I haven't spent much time going back over old footage to really get a sense about the Gradishars and Littles, and if there's going to be any kind of official selection made it should have a broad historical perspective.

That being said, even a broad historical perspective has to be weighted towards the Super Bowl teams because of what they accomplished. I can't see how TD doesn't get in. For those two years, the two best teams in Bronco history, TD was their best player. They wouldn't have won without TD. They wouldn't have won without Elway either, but he's on the list too.

Hopefully the current team shifts the weight away from the 97-98 teams a bit. Champ would be impossible to leave off if he becomes a Champ.

My subjective post 83 list:
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